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Lindsay Frucci

"The Pig & Me is a powerful tale of a powerful woman. Frucci reveals her soul in an honest, intentional way, giving her reader a look behind her eyes.  The Pig & Me is essential reading for any woman who doubts her own ability to stick with a project and see it through to completion, despite seemingly overwhelming odds. The Pig & Me is Frucci's first book. I sincerely hope it isn't her last. She has something to say and women need to hear it."
     -Sylvia Dickie Smith, author of A War of Her Own

"A quick-witted, engrossing read, Frucci’s memoir bubbles with can-do, feminist moxie and the simple tenet that a great idea will never fail you."
     -Kirkus Reviews

"I never knew I liked memoirs until I picked up Lindsay Frucci’s The Pig and Me... Chock-full of humor, witty dialogue and insightful prose, this book is very well written and full of surprises – even until the very last page! Lindsay is a very talented writer, and I hope to see more books by her in the future."
    -Chick Lit Cafe

"If Lindsay Frucci is half the motivational speaker she is as a motivational writer, she should be taking her talk nationwide and firing up would-be entrepreneurs across America! ...this memoir (is) special, unique and worth reading. 
    -Chick Lit Central

"[Lindsay] had a vision and would not let anything stop her, no matter how many times she was told “No”. If you want to read a good uplifting book without all the calories than pick up a copy of The Pig and Me!"
    -Cheryl's Book Nook

"...exceptional, can't-put-the-book-down writing."
    -New Hampshire Magazine

"I was given Lindsay's insightful book by a friend. I am a woman and a fairly new food business owner and I could totally relate to the trials and tribulations that Lindsay went through while trying to make her business a success. She and the pig had something to prove! I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading because Lindsay is so down to earth and honest about her experiences. The UPS story is an absolute gem! Be warned, there is some cursing and wine drinking in the book (yes!). There is no sugar-coating or "The Secret" type narrative in this book, but there is the teensiest sprinkling of spirituality and healthy helping of tears. Lindsay is an "every woman" for the 21st century. She had a passion, she got educated, she worked hard and she overcame major financial, physical and emotional hurtles to get where she is today. Not even an 800-pound gorilla could keep her down!" 

"Following the author's journey through life's many unexpected trials and heartaches on her way to success makes the reader very aware of the sacrifices women with a mission are capable of making. It's difficult to put the book down as we follow the author on what appears to be an impossible journey, riddled with so many difficult obstacles appearing in her path. It's difficult to put the book down as we follow the author on what appears to be an impossible journey, riddled with so many difficult obstacles appearing in her path.The inner part of me is saying "go for it", knowing quite well that with my personality, I'd never have been able to accomplish what she managed to do! This book will make a great gift for the future generation of young girls, looking for those nonexistant jobs and inspire that spark of creativity necessary to survive in today's workplace. When the book is finally finished - you are left with a feeling of wanting to know more, so ....... awaiting the next chapters which hopefully will be full of promise and dreams come true!"

"I just received a copy of this book yesterday, I could not put it down. The book has inspired me to count my blessings and to be strong in no matter what life throws at you!!! Lindsay is a great person and a customer to me at where I work. To know that she has been thru so much is amazing. I will recommend this book to everyone I meet. Thanks, Lindsay for allowing me to read this book and sharing in this part of your life!!!"

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